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Why is Logo Design That Important?

Among the first things an entrepreneur will do when he or she starts a business is to get a logo designed. A well-thought out, well-designed logo can speak volumes for your company or business.

Why is a logo design important?

Without being over simplistic, a logo can;

• Elicit immediate recognition (especially if the company has a common sort of name)
• Be a visual short-cut to convey the company’s personality, character or attitude
• Relate to your clients by conveying a feeling of familiarity and credibility
• Association with quality & satisfaction

Logo design is a complex job where you and your creative expert has to dig deep internally into corporate philosophy, missions, goals, persona, look into product features and benefits and understand employees’ mind-sets of the company. And externally, you would want to know what your target audience think of your product or your competitors’ product.Their perception is important because it is never easy to shift a mind-set.

Logo design is the most important part of corporate branding.

So be prepared to fork out a decent amount of time, money and resources to get a branding expert to help you develop your logo and corporate branding. Finally, do yourself a favour by hiring a branding expert with some real graphics talent. Even if you are artistically inclined and know how to use a drawing software program, there are many more issues to consider. Things like matching CMYK with Pantone colours, applying the logo correctly for use in various mediums etc; without this technical expertise, you might find yourself with a beautiful logo which cannot be used or reproduced!

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Why Is Logo Design Important