Media Monitoring

Why Media Monitoring?

Below is a short example of why our Media Monitoring service could be right for you.

We were approached by Gerathy and Madison Strategic Communication to assist them in delivering media monitoring services in Tasmania.

In a nutshell media monitoring is the process of reading, listening and watching a variety of media sources on a continuing basis, and then identifying, saving and analysing content that contains specific keywords or topics.

Once the article or  broadcast report has been identified, it is then clipped and summarized using specially designed software which delivers a detailed report to the clients. This allows the clients to analyse their presence in the media and the issues surrounding it and then more accurately drive their communications strategy.

More recently, due to the emergence and importance in this day and age of social media, the reporting software can now monitor a variety of social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter.  The daily report allows businesses and/or government departments to track what the public are saying about their brands and recent actions.  Once the clients have this knowledge they can make an informed decision about how they interact with consumers in the future.

We love working with the team at Gerathy and Madison Strategic Communication. The Directors, Richard and Maria, have over 20 years experience in marketing and public relations. Their software development skills are second to none and they are across all copyright and licensing laws.

Our Media Montioring Expert Richard Gerathy of Gerathy & Madison Strategic Communication can answer all of your question in regard to Media Monitoring.  Contact Richard on 0419 203 075 or


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Media Monitoring