Our Team

Megan Gerathy

Valley Communications Managing Director, PR, Media Monitoring and Advertising.

Megan is a talented media professional who has been working in media and communications for nearly 20 years. She started at Telstra as a business consultant in Grafton ending up an integral part of their management team.  Currently she runs all the administration of Valley Communications and is a full time media analyst. Megan holds a Degree in Communications and PR from Canberra University. When she’s not working she likes travelling, movies and an avid reader.

Valley Communications Megan Gerathy
Valley Communications - Stuart Gerathy

Stuart Gerathy

Director, General Sales and Marketing, Branding and Voice Over Specialist.

Stuart is a great communicator and has over 25 years’ experience in marketing. He has a passion for advertising/branding and his tenacity will ensure you as a client will get exactly what you want to help drive your organisational marketing message. Stuart holds an Arts Degree and a Masters Degree in Leisure Management.  At Valley Communications Stuart is the overall producer when it comes to everything client branding. He organises the TV/Billboard/Radio etc schedules, client briefs, writes TV and or radio scripts and Media releases, and the coordination between production/creative and the client. Not only does he write the scripts but he then does a lot of the Voice overs. Stuart goal is to try to exceed client expectations

Richard Gerathy

National PR Director, Media Monitoring and Community Engagement.

Richard has almost 30 years experience in Marketing and Communications in Tasmania and interstate, working for government and for leading private sector companies.  Richard has been the Tasmanian manager for Caltex Australia, marketing manager at Cascade Brewery, marketing manager at the Department of Environment and Land Management, as well as a Press Secretary for the Tasmanian Premier’s Office.  Having worked in the public and private sector Richard has a developed an extensive network of contacts within government and business circles.

Richard Gerathy

Wayne Hickson

Sports Media Specialist.

Wayne is a leading Australian media and public relations practitioner, event manager and international sports writer with an extensive range of skills from copywriting, corporate media relations, sports event management/sponsorship, international sport and event reporting.

Wayne has been involved in the press operations of six Olympic Games (four summer and two winter), five Commonwealth Games and two Paralympics as well as being the Program Manager Communication for the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games.

Wayne also teaches media subjects at Griffith University which encompasses everything from from print and electronic news releases, sponsorship leveraging, influence marketing, sport and event management, community engagement and more.

Valley Communications is excited to have Wayne as part of the team to offer clients large and small his extensive international media and public relations experience.

Wayne Hickson

Jason Archer

TVC Production Manager

Creator of content, teller of stories. Mostly I work in video branding. Sometimes that’s a TV commercial, other times it’s a YouTube series, or branding content for Facebook. Every client is different, so I take an artisan approach to tailor make content to suit a client’s needs and budget. With over 20 years’ production, advertising and media experience. I take a client focused, creative approach when collaborating on a business’s branding journey. I can help you with social media video content, a broadcast television commercial, radio, corporate video, photos, graphics, written copy… or simply with new ideas.