Social Media and Digital Media

Social media is now a major part of everyday life, approximately two thirds of the world’s population is connected to some form of Social and Digital Media. The World is becoming increasingly smaller due to the impact of the online presence and hand held devices. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google, Netflix, Digital Catch-up TV all these platforms are a cost effective way to increase your brand visibility and directly engaging with a targeted audience of customers. The great thing about Social/Digital promotion is, it simply utilises newsfeeds or different types of banner advertising and or running a standard fifteen second commercial.

Therefore increased online exposure adds to more opportunities for prospective customers to comment, post an image or simply view your Companies Website. When the online community are interacting, it helps to promote the brand. The whole idea of Social Media is to stay connected to family, friends and the general community at large. If word of mouth is considered a form of branding then Social Media has become it’s platform. Sharing, liking and commenting will drive people to your products and subsequently on line sales purchases. Creditability is the key, more people commenting and purchasing your products leads to positive buying experiences and ongoing brand loyalty.

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